A Good End

We know that we should live our lives like the saints did, yet it may sometimes be difficult for us to relate to the saints since many of them lived hundreds of years ago in a different era.  Yet, here is one person who lived in the current era, the reposed Archbishop Chrysostomos II of Athens and All Greece, who did his best to imitate the saints and desire what they desired: a good end.

Accompanied by Fr. Cyril and a nun, he traveled to a coastal region of Megara where they planned to baptize a woman catechumen; so that they could see if the place was appropriate. Returning to the monastery he said, “My children, my strength is failing me and my end is near. Glory be to God, I lived many years. The only thing I ask is that I have a good end and that God grant me a good defense before His terrible judgment seat.”

He always used to say: “Four things I want our Lord: That I may end this life upright, that God may allow me to keep my wits, that I have my voice until the end so that I may I may continue to hymn Him and that I not bury one of my spiritual children.” God—finally—fulfilled these four wishes of his. During the last liturgy which he presided over on the feast of St. John Chrysostomos in 2009 in the monastery of the Most-Immaculate Virgin in Megara, among the last words of his homily were: “May the grace of God deem us worthy of a good end. Beloved, this is my greatest wish: A GOOD END.” Truly, God deemed him worthy of a good end.


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