The Prayer of Saint Ephraim

Prayer and humility are always important aspects of living life as an Orthodox Christian, but it is even more important for Orthodox Christians to pray and practice humility during Great Lent, a time of repentance in preparation for the Resurrection of Christ, Pascha.  A particularly important prayer to help us to focus on humility and repentance is the Prayer of Saint Ephraim.  This prayer, while relatively short, has much depth to it, as is explained in the linked article.  Below are a few excerpts.

We are given free choice to follow Him and place our trust in Him; we are called to model our life on His. For this reason, the Prayer of Saint Ephraim starts off by asking God to remove some obstacles to our attaining the likeness of Christ.

When we have chastity, humility, and patience, then love will be bestowed on us. Love is a self-sacrifice, the gift of God to mankind. This love will allow us to work harder for our children’s sake; it will allow us to wake up early on Sunday to come to the Church and help out; it will provoke us to give freely of our resources to help others. Love is the opposite of lust; lust involves our desiring something for ourselves, while love is our desire to share ourselves for others’ sake.

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