Overcoming Our Fears Through Christ

Fear, although a normal part of life that prevents us from acting irrationally, can also prevent us from doing that which is necessary if we allow it to take control of our life and prevent us from acting when necessary. We need Christ to overcome our fears and to act boldly, so that we may do the work of Christ.  Through the grace of God and faith in our Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ, we are able to live righteously and improve upon our weaknesses.

As Christians, of course, we do not simply rely on our own abilities. If we did, we would be utter failures at ever doing anything right. God’s grace is what allows us to live righteously, and only through faith in Christ are our good works blessed. Seeing it this way, our fear becomes a barrier to grace! We are basically telling God that we cannot improve, because our weakness is stronger than God’s grace.

Boldness is thus what I am encouraging. I am not encouraging pride, naturally; we must always be humble. St. Paul indeed was humble, and again, recognized through prayer when he should act, and when he should not, and always ascribed his failings to himself, and his successes to Jesus Christ. But he did not hold back from action when he felt God’s call. Let us search through our soul for those areas that are places of irrational fear. Let us shine light on them, and address them. In prayer, let us ask Christ for help!

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