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The word “confession” bears two meanings in Orthodoxy: to both confess the faith and to confess one’s sins.  Confessing our Orthodox faith may mean living an Orthodox life (being charitable, explaining and at times defending our faith to others), up … Continue reading

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The Non-Christian Ecumenism of the Vatican

I recently watch this excellent video regarding the ecumenistic activities of the New Calendarists and those in communion with the New Calendarists: The actions by the hierarchs of the New Calendarists, or so-called “Orthodox Ecumenists”, is entirely foreign and unacceptable … Continue reading

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Repentance and the Prodigal Son

The parable of The Prodigal Son is one of repentance, forgiveness, and the great joy that is experienced when we repent.  The prodigal son left his father with his inheritance, and spends it all in sinful activity.  Yet, once he … Continue reading

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