Sanctification Through the Faith

His Eminence, Metropolitan Moses of Portland and the Western United States, gave a speech at the 2011 Orthodox Conference in Toronto regarding our sanctification and salvation through Christ and the Church.  His Eminence was clear in his emphasis that we must be in the One, True Church of Christ, the Orthodox Church, in order that we might have hope of being saved. We must safeguard ourselves though, as it is possible to be led away from the Church by the demons at any time.  One way that many have been led away from the Church is by the charisma of a man who appears to be holy.  Thus, it is important to remain humble and always submit to the teachings of the Church so that we might not find ourselves outside of Her.  It is also important that we study the faith so that we remain grounded in it.

His Eminence also talked about the importance of seeking the joy of God in our lives as a way to overcome adversities in our life.  We might have many sorrows in our life, but by finding a way to seek out the joy of God, we will not become overwhelmed by such sorrows. Also, by seeking first the joy of God, we will be better able to live out a virtuous life.

…we must confess the true faith and be united to Christ by holy baptism in this life in order to have a sure hope of salvation.

If we resolve in our hearts that we will always follow the consensus of the Holy Fathers and refuse to become too daring in our thoughts, then the devil can never grab hold of us and throw us down.

We must be grounded in the Faith. We must apply ourselves! These are difficult times and every last Christian needs to study and know his or her faith.

Our Savior has given us the word of truth, He has accomplished all things so that we might have peace. Yes, we will have tribulations in this life, but be of good cheer. He has triumphed, He has overcome. Our Savior has achieved the ultimate and everlasting victory and that victory is certain. But it is our task to work out the details of our participation in this victory in our own life. Seek joy, count blessings, look to things above. We should constantly remind ourselves of the promises that have been given us.

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