Why do we follow the Old Orthodox Calendar?

This article briefly summarizes why we use the Old Calendar, what Ecumenism is, and who the Genuine Orthodox Christians are.  The New Calendar has been condemned by three Pan-Orthodox Councils.  The New Calendar was also introduced without the assent of the other Orthodox Churches, for the reason that it might aid in the common concelebration of all churches, which is the very heresy of Ecumenism.  With the heresy of Ecumenism, the faithful are taught that there is no one True Church, but that all churches are equal.  This is precisely why the Genuine Orthodox Christians exist: to preserve the Orthodox faith unadulterated, teaching the faithful of the One, True Church of Christ is the only path to salvation.

It was suggested in the Encyclical of the Ecumenical Patriarchate in 1920 that the acceptance of a common calendar would aid the common celebration of all Churches. What it conceived of as “Churches” were all the heretical parasynagogues (Monophysites, Latins, Anglicans, Protestants and the rest of the cacodox) who, based on this encyclical are considered branches of the common body of the “divided Church”, thus paving the road for today’s syncretistic pan-heresy of Ecumenism.

…the faithful of the Martyric Church of Genuine Orthodox Christians struggle, endure and persist with the help of God, not to change anything of their faith, to preserve undistorted the commandments of the Holy Apostles and the teachings of the Holy Fathers.

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