Metropolitan Moses Celebrates Theophany in Greece

His Eminence, Metropolitan Moses of Portland and the West, visited Greece for the Feast of Theophany.  Every year, the bishops, clergy, monastics, and laity process to the port in Piraeus for the Blessing of the Waters.  His Eminence addressed the faithful on this Feast of Lights, making many important points.  First of all, Theophany should remind us of our own Baptism into Christ.  Baptism gives us new life in Christ, and allows us to save our souls if we live according to His Commandments.  It is important that we give thanks to Christ for showing us the way to His Holy Church.  Secondly, we must remember the important task that we, as Orthodox Christians, have been given: to remain steadfast in and preserve the Faith which Christ has given to us and has been passed down through the ages.  And thirdly, we must remember that we are not alone in our struggle.  We are united to all the other Orthodox Christians throughout the world, and on a local scale, we have the support of our fellow Orthodox Christians at the parish we attend.  Let us remain strong in the faith, and may the Holy Theotokos guide us to Eternal Life.

Sons and daughters of the Church, you should ever rejoice that you have been called, and through Baptism you have been sanctified. We are immersed in Baptism and we die unto sin so that we may live with Christ.

Beloved, these are the days when many seek to offer the rational flock of Christ the strange herbage of subtle words and vain speculations. Remain steadfast, brothers and sisters in Christ! Restrict your spiritual food to the pastures of Christ and His Apostles and the Holy Fathers, and be strong in the faith “once delivered to the saints.” (Jude 1:3)

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  1. Here is a video of this year’s Theophany procession in Greece:

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