Kali Sarakosti!

Fr Steven Allen wrote a pastoral message for Great Lent in 2007 exhorting us to strive for our salvation, negating the modern belief that salvation will come easily for us.  Let us remember that our salvation requires more than just belief–it requires our action: continual repentance and struggle against sin, ultimately striving to live like Christ.  With the many worldly distractions that occur in our day-to-day life, let us remember to set aside time for prayer, spiritual reading, and silence, especially during this holy Lenten season.  And let us ask Christ to give us the strength to endure that which is necessary so that we might find salvation.

Few people today believe that they can lose their salvation. Even “religious” people are very careless about their souls, thinking that if they “just believe” (whatever), they will “go to heaven.” They have forgotten the many, many places in Holy Scripture which speak of death, God’s judgment, heaven, and hell, and especially they have forgotten Christ’s own words that the way to life is narrow and few find it! Let us cast off carelessness and a superficial attitude regarding our salvation, and strive to find and follow the narrow way laid out in the Gospel!

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2 Responses to Kali Sarakosti!

  1. Jonathan Gress-Wright says:

    I think you mean Fr Steven Allen. Otherwise, thanks for the edifying link!

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