Pascha 2012 in New York City

A video of Holy Friday, Holy Saturday, and Pascha at the Greek Orthodox Cathedral of Saint Markella in Astoria, Queens, NY, celebrated by His Eminence, Metropolitan Pavlos, His Grace, Bishop Christodoulos, many priests, and thousands of faithful.

From beginning of video to ~8:10: Taking down of Christ from the Cross.

~8:10 to ~9:12: Procession of the Epitaphios (burial shroud of Christ) around Cathedral and placement in the Kouvouklion (funeral bier).

~9:12 to ~21:00: Procession of the Kouvouklion around a closed-off block of New York City in Astoria, Queens. Just before 21:00, the faithful walk underneath the Kouvouklion to receive a blessing.

~21:00 to ~21:55: The Epitaphios is brought into the Cathedral and placed on the Altar, where it will remain for 40 days.

~21:55 to ~23:57: Holy Saturday Vesperal Divine Liturgy of St Basil the Great. It is here we celebrate Christ’s harrowing of and victory over Hades, where Christ decended into and broke the bonds of Hades, and is celebrated by tossing bay leaves around the Church and making noise, with bay leaves being an ancient symbol of victory. The Church is now preparing for Christ’s imminent Resurrection.

~23:57 to end: Celebration of Pascha (Easter)! This part starts with the Gospel reading of Matins and is then followed by the chanting of Christos Anesti!  Christ is Risen! and the response: Alithos Anesti! Truly He is Risen! Red eggs are also distributed by Metropolitan Pavlos to the faithful, the red being a symbol of the blood that Christ shed for our salvation.

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